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Almanca - Makedonca Metin yazarlığı
Smartcat'in sektör lideri pazar yeri aracılığıyla çevirmen, editör ve post-editörleri seçin.
Sıralama düzeni:
Natalija Galacheva
Natalija Galacheva
Native speaker of Macedonian, fluent in both English and German language. I have a BA in in German Language and Literature, specialized in Translation and Interpreting. I work as a freelance translator, editor, and profreader in the past four years, and during this time I have learned how best to utilize my skills and upgrade them. WORKING LANGUAGE PAIRS I am experienced translator in German-English, German –Macedonian, English-Macedonian and vice versa. The project I have worked on cover a wide variety of subjects, such as: • Tourism • Marketing • Medical translations • IT technologies • Legal • General translations • Advertising • Sports / Fitness / Nutrition • Bussines / Commerce • Education • Science (general) • Literature and poetry
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