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Slovence - İtalyanca Çeviri
Smartcat'in sektör lideri pazar yeri aracılığıyla çevirmen, editör ve post-editörleri seçin.
Sıralama düzeni:
Massimiliano Puma
Massimiliano Puma
İtalya, Gorizia
WHAT SERVICES DO I PROVIDE? ● Translation and revision: I translate and revise texts from English and Slovenian into Italian. My fields of specialization are: - Tourism and travels: I have a deep knowledge of the tourism sector and provide translations of guidebooks, websites, brochures, etc. I’m an expert in the Slovenian tourist market. - Marketing: I guarantee high-quality translations of websites, brochures, catalogues, newsletters, press releases, etc. - EU documents: I have much experience with EU tenders (published on TED), publications, reports, statistics and decisions. ● Localization: I provide localization services in order to expand your business across the world. When launching a product in a new market, be sure to deliver your message in an effective way! ● MT post-editing: I offer light and full post-editing services for pre-translated text through machine translation in various areas (marketing, tourism, economics, political science, UE documents). HOW CAN YOU
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Katja Bolcic
Katja Bolcic
Slovenya, Koper
I am a Slovenian translator with an excellent command of English and Italian and considerable experience in translating and proofreading as a freelancer, particularly in the following fields: marketing, tourism, fashion, health and lifestyle, education, general legal texts (contracts, regulations).
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