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Khalida Aliyeva

136 sözcükler

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Azerice (Latin) Anadil  — Rusça

Havacılık ve uzay Endüstriyel otomasyon Otomotiv Mimari Bankacılık ve yatırım İşletme Biyoloji

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Azerice (Kiril)  — Rusça

Havacılık ve uzay Endüstriyel otomasyon Otomotiv Mimari İşletme Biyoloji Biyoteknoloji

Çeviri hizmetleri

Rusça  — Azerice (Latin) Anadil

Havacılık ve uzay Endüstriyel otomasyon Otomotiv Mimari Bankacılık ve yatırım İşletme Biyoloji

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İngilizce  —
  • İngilizce (ABD)
  • İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık)
  • İngilizce (Avustralya)
  • İngilizce (Kanada)

Havacılık ve uzay Endüstriyel otomasyon İşletme Mimari Bankacılık ve yatırım Biyoloji Muhasebe

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Türkçe  — İngilizce
  • İngilizce (ABD)
  • İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık)
  • İngilizce (Avustralya)
  • İngilizce (Kanada)

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Kişisel Bilgiler

Azerbaycan, 13:19
Azerice (Latin)
İş deneyimi
17 yıl 9 ay


Azerbaijani Teachers' Institute

  • 2004
  • Azerbaycan
  • Methodology and psychology

Foreign Languages University

  • 2006
  • Azerbaycan
  • English Language Teacher

TEFL Institute, Chicago, Illinois

  • 2008
  • Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
  • Uzman
  • Internationally Certified ESL teacher

İş deneyimi

Cool School Education Center, Ganja (Azerbaijan) - English Language Trainor
2018 ila 2019 arasında
Responsible for ensuring that students learn proper grammar, writing, and reading comprehension. And also responsible for creating lesson plans that will teach students the skills they need. A few of my main duties were answering student questions, grading student tests and essays, tracking student progress, and teaching students the importance of English.
Vermantia Productions, Greece, Athens, - Commentator
2013 ila 2017 arasında
Succinctly and enthusiastically convey the excitement of a Greyhound racing to their viewers or listeners over the radio or television broadcast. Convince an audience of the event's authenticity and be as descriptive as if the audience were witnessing the race in person.
SRS Company - Sales and marketing department manager
2012 ila 2013 arasında
To respond to enquiries from potential clients and proactive telephoning, achieve predetermined sales targets, forward requests to Operation Manager and, Inspectors, assist OM with administration of service preparation, handle client enquires promptly and efficiently,monitor feedbacks on conducted inspections,dealing with post and e-mails,liaise with suppliers/out course for confirmation, passport copies, hotel, flights,create financial and statistical tools and reports
Ramada Plaza - Reservation Supervisor
2009 ila 2011 arasında
To be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the sales team & handled by the customer service team and to make reservations through internet, companies, telephone, travel agencies. Provide superior service to our customers (internal and external) at all times. Follow The Resort's etiquette guidelines. Coordinate, supervise, monitor and evaluate assigned reservation operations, with emphasis on maximizing occupancy and ensuring smooth transition from reservation through check out.
AzETA - Branch Manager
2003 ila 2009 arasında
Evaluating teachers' participation in the projects and performance in the classrooms, HR management, recruiting new teachers, responsible for teachers' learning interactive teaching methods, organizing training, presentations, conferences, meetings for English Language Teachers of the region, English courses for the local people of the region – students, businessmen, school children and individuals (also an English Teacher on AzETA English Courses). Office management and administration.
British Council - Teacher Trainor
2007 ila 2008 arasında
To teach Methods of teaching English as a Second Language to Newly Qualified (NQTs) – Teachers from local schools of Ganja


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