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Arapça - Çince (basitleştirilmiş) Metin yazarlığı
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Sıralama düzeni:
My name is Eid Tahoun, I'm 26 years old, I have a BA degree in tourism management 2015, and now I'm a master's student at Renmin University of China major in international business. I learned a lot of things on the internet. And I have participated in a lot of activities. also found my self more interested in world affairs and international business. I feel it necessary to acquire international experience. participated in many volunteer works and activities, I was a member of the Egyptian Museum worked as a volunteer tour guide. and I was a member of the student union at the university. In terms of academic achievements, I graduated with an excellent Honor grade as a final result. During my studies in China, I also successfully completed the Third Session Of Joint UNCTAD-CATIS Advanced Training on Digital Trade (Cross -border E-commerce ), besides I trained in the Xiaomi company in Beijing as a translator of Chinese and English into Arabic.
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