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Latince - Türkçe Redaksiyon
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Sıralama düzeni:
Sezin Sahin
Sezin Sahin
Türkiye, İstanbul
I have an excellent education in both French (baccalauréat) and English (TOEFL scores always +100) with an enormous curiosity towards literature, languages, art and philosophy. I am a good reader and researcher. I am aiming for a PhD degree in philosophy now while I continue to translate books to be published in my area of knowledge. I also teach languages in both an official and a non official capacity. I can translate French<>Turkish, English<>Turkish and if need be, French<>English. I have also taken Ancient Greek and Latin courses during BA and MA and have a good grasp of terminology, as well as etymology. I am well versed in my native tongue and I do not use machine translation tools. I am a hardworking person, passionately dedicated to putting knowledge into good use.
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