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Tanja Partanen

1 453 sözcük

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Fince Anadil

Muhasebe Yıllık raporlar Sanat ve kültür Otomotiv Bankacılık ve yatırım İşletme Kurumsal sosyal sorumluluk

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Fince Anadil  — İngilizce

Kişisel Bilgiler

Finlandiya, Vantaa, 20:02
İş deneyimi
14 yıl 4 ay
I am a native Finnish and I have a high level of fluency in English. As working part of larger companies and clients, part of my work has always been translating documents. These have been including research, web pages, product information, sale pitches and legal documentation. Have been freelancing on translations as often I have been able. 

I have strong background in Customer Management/Support and have worked with many ICT projects. I have y...


Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu

  • 2016
  • Finlandiya
  • Lisans
  • ICT innovator

Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and training board

  • 2018
  • İrlanda
  • Lisans
  • HR Management

İş deneyimi

N3 Results - Team leader/ Opportunity Manager
2018 ila 2020 arasında
Main responsibilities: * Helping the team to meet and exceed a monthly targets while ensuring the quality of the qualified leads. * Coaching team members * Creating training content and training new joiners regarding importance of communication in multicultural workplace * Assisting creating a monthly report to stake holders. * Creating a meaningful connections and relationships with the sales teams within market countries and Microsoft Partners * Translations
SEB international - Client Serice Administrator
2017 ila 2018 arasında
• Providing excellent customer service via phone and email • help to create training plan and provide training for new recruits. • Processing application and answering queries regarding policies and terms of policies. • Translating and proof reading documents, including legal documents. • Processing applications and answering queries regarding policies and terms of the policies • Educating brokers and customers of charge charts of the policies • Providing support for internet banking • Processin
Accenture - Microsoft Collections
2017 ila 2017 arasında
•Ensuring that collections process followed Sarbanes/Oxley procedures. •Producing monthly statements in line with client processes and SOX procedures. •Meeting and exceeding daily/monthly targets and all SLA's. •Escalate to management dispute information to high degree of quality as required in accordance with escalation policy. •Start dunning and terminating process in case of payment has not been made •Document Translations


Marketing Promotions

  • 2020

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belge Marketing Promotions

Marketing letters/emails

  • 2020

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belge Marketing letters/emails

Web site translations - IT company

  • 2020

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belge Web site translations - IT company